The run-up to Christmas can be a bit hectic, so we’ve gathered Hy Hotel’s top tips for a stress-free season.

First things to address…

Buy your Christmas cards well in advance, that way you can write a few at a time rather than facing a mammoth last-minute task. In fact, you can be organised and save a small fortune by buying them in the January sales and putting them away with your decorations for next year.

Even better – save yourself the job of writing and addressing an enormous pile of cards and donate to charity instead. You can always text or call people for a Christmas catch up if you haven’t spoken for a while.

Make a List

There’s a reason Santa has one! Write a list of gifts you know your loved ones would actually like and appreciate, then you can focus on finding those things rather than waiting for inspiration to strike while wandering aimlessly round the shops. Keeping track of what you’ve already bought for people also saves you from over-spending on a whim.

Shop Local

If you avoid big-name brands and chain stores, not only are you likely to get more unique and sustainably produced items, you’re supporting small businesses so they can enjoy a great Christmas too. There are plenty of unique, independent retailers across Fylde – ask our reception team when you visit if you’re in need of a few suggestions.

Start Sloe

Think ahead to what you’ll want in the cupboards at Christmas and if you can, buy it in advance. Festive favourites like sloe gin can often sell out by December. Also, adding just a few items to each weekly shop throughout the autumn and into winter means you won’t be lumped with an enormous single Christmas grocery bill.

Tuck Away Some Treats

Pick up a couple of extra tins of biscuits or boxes of chocolates and hide them out of reach of any snack-searching family members. If someone brings an unexpected gift, you can return the favour with one of these.

And if they don’t? Delightful extra treats for you later.

Go For a Walk

The festive period can feel like a bit of a whirlwind – all the planning, cooking, shopping, hosting, entertaining, cleaning up – and suddenly it’s over for another year. Don’t forget to enjoy it!

Get wrapped up and go for a bracing walk, it will clear your mind and make sure you’ve worked up an appetite for that next mince pie. Where and how far you go is up to you, but of course we would say there’s nothing better than a seasonal seaside stroll. Check out our favourite local walks in our handy blog.

Enjoy your Christmas break on the Fylde coast.